Warning Systems

Early Warning System (Telegrafia)

Telegrafia – a wireless (GSM/GPRS) comprehensive warning and notification system is a European product developed in Slovakia. The system is specially featured even to give automatic (unmanned) broadcasting of emergency status announcements. Within few seconds the system is able to activate any siren or a group of sirens (depending on access rights) from any warning and notification center on the territory of the state given. The feedback information on successfulness / unsuccessfulness of such activation is provided by such system within few minutes. Spectral India is the authorized dealer of this product in India , Bhutan and Nepal.

Main functions and properties of Telegrafia

  • This wireless system works on GSM cum GPRS modules.
  • The system is trans-receiver.
  • It has the facility to give warning siren as well as voice announcement
  • The voice is clear more than 3 Km. radius
  • One control unit can operate sirens at more than 200 locations
  • Any warning device can be integrated to this system
  • Warning can be communicated to individual location or group vice
  • In case of power failure the system gives 72 hours back up.   
  • Sound recording playback from digital memory (SD card) in WAW, MP3 format;
  • Playback from combinations of different sound recordings;
  • Ability to connect local audio signal inputs, including a local microphone or other local signal sources;
  • Ability to connect to remote audio signal sources – Dispatch centre, VHF radio, radio station, phone …;
  • Galvanically separate class “D” amplifiers with up to 90% power efficiency;
  • Enhanced automatic testing routines, including so-called “silent” siren tests, complete functionality tests;
  • Ability to automatically switch over to a backup amplifier;
  • Different local activation options;
  • Different remote activation options;
  • Automatic broadcasting of emergency status announcements;
  • Storage of all the important events related to siren activities in the internal memory;
  • Intelligent battery recharging, charging current optimizing based on modern algorithms recommended by manufactures to prolong battery life;
  • 8 programmable digital/analogue inputs;
  • 8 programmable digital outputs;
  • 2 RS232 ports;
  • Ability to program different reactions on the basis of different inputs;
  • Power supply from maintenance-free batteries; ,
  • A stainless steel box;
  • Durable sound baffles made of a lightweight aluminum alloy