Sound Proofing And Acoustic Works

Spectral India Media Management Pvt. Ltd. Situated in Delhi is known for its professionalism in sound proofing acoustic works (Stadium, Auditorium, Studio and Theatre) in north India. The acoustic works which we do with the assistance of modern technologies is superior in qualities and is cost minimum in industries. Our unique and expertise acoustic works in school/ collage auditorium, with audio visual equipments, make learning interesting and easier. Our skill in making audio video recording, mixing and editing studios professionally, is well appreciated. Giving top priority to the satisfaction of our customers we give long term personal and technical assistance to draw the best result of our products and services.

Salient Features

  1. Acoustic treatment on walls and ceiling for sound absorption as per the requirement of site
  2. Sound reinforcement system suiting to the hall with latest sound systems and equipments
  3. Fascinating light system on stage and in hall
  4. Special attention is given to the demand of the view angles on stage / screen
  5. Attractive and accommodative acoustic design

  6. Supplies fire resistant acoustic sheet